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Stainless Steel Wire

We offer stainless steel wire drawn from choice stainless steel materials, for wire mesh weaving and other uses.

Application of stainless steel wires: Weaving of wire mesh, drawing of wire, welding of wire, in manufaturing of tie wire, nails and other metal works.

Diameter (mm) Standard
Tolerance (mm) Max. Deviation (mm)
0.32-0.45 ±0.006 0.006
0.50-0.75 ±0.006 0.006
0.80-0.95 ±0.008 0.008
1.00-1.25 ±0.010 0.010
1.30-1.50 ±0.010 0.010
1.60-1.80 ±0.015 0.015
2.0-2.5 ±0.015 0.015
3.0-4.0 ±0.015 0.015
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